Canada Goose Hunting, Duck Hunting & Dove Hunting on
the Eastern Shore of Maryland with Tollers Gun Club, LLC
Tollers Gun Club, LLC is committed to offering the best possible Canada Goose Hunting, Duck Hunting and Dove Hunting experience available. We pride ourselves on safety, and use only the finest decoys, and trained retrievers period!

Tollers Gun Club is headquartered in Chestertown, Maryland, and is an outfitting service that takes Canada goose hunting, duck hunting and dove hunting parties on the eastern shore and western shores of Maryland.

Call or e-mail Tollers Gun Club with any questions you may have. I truly look forward to answering your questions personally. I hope to share a blind or a dove field with you soon.

Steve C. Goss
Owner, Tollers Gun Club, LLC.


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Tollers Gun Club, LLC
Waterfowl Hunting on the Eastern Shore of Maryland
7071 Pomona Road • Chestertown, Maryland 21620
(office) 410-822-2592 • (cell) 410-253-8891