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        Tollers Gun Club has been in the waterfowl hunting business for more than 20 years and with this experience, a lot of knowledge has been accumulated. Because we have tested many ideas and strategies, as they pertain to waterfowling, we have been able to ferret out what works and what does not. Also, we can consult you on how to manage your own property, club, etc. to produce the best possible waterfowl hunting. Whether it is constructing blinds, pits or even creating habitat through the building of impoundments, Tollers can help you. We are also accomplished duck and goose callers so we can give instructions on how to properly call these birds. We hunt more in one year than the average person does in several, so being able to "study" the birds and climatic changes, we can prove to be a valuable asset to those who have limited time and resources to devote to the sport of hunting waterfowl.

How We Work

        Once the need is defined, you and Tollers will enter into an agreement. When we are contacted, a representative of Tollers Gun Club will send out to you, a contract to be signed. This will outline what our responsibilities are and what you can expect. Once the contract is signed and returned, with a small retainer fee, you will be contacted by e-mail, phone, or regular mail, and the problem solving can begin. Also, if the need is much greater than what a phone call or e-mail can address, we can come to your hunting areas and give instruction so you will learn first hand how to be successful hunting on your own. (Contact Tollers Gun Club)

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